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Initiative Memorial Site Eckerwald, registered association

Building remains in the Eckerwald forest are part of the “Wüste” complex. Here, fuel was extracted from oil slate; seven satellite camps were developed. The site tells about the camps Schömberg, Schörzingen, Dormettingen and Dautmergen.
Tübingen 72355, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Memorial Site Association Concentration Camp Bisingen

The KZ Bisingen was one of seven satellite concentration camps at the “Wüste” complex where oil shale was mined to produce fuel for the war industry. In 2003, the Memorial Site Association KZ Bisingen was founded.
Kirchgasse 15, Bisingen 72406, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
07476 / 896–414

History Workshop KZ Satellite Camp Echterdingen

The 600 all-Jewish prisoners of the KZ Satellite camp Echterdingen had to work at the military airport. In 2010, the memorial site near the present US Airfield was inaugurated.
Echterdinger Straße 104, Filderstadt 70794, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
07158 - 8219

KZ Memorial Site Sandhofen, registered association

The KZ prisoners of the Sandhofen satellite camp had to work in the Daimler-Benz factory in Mannheim, where military trucks were manufactured. The memorial site, founded in 1990, is managed by the association, founded in 1991.
Kriegerstraße 28, Mannheim 68307, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
0621 / 293-74 85

KZ Memorial Site Hailfingen-Tailfingen

The Hailfingen camp was started in November of 1944 near a military airfield. The 600 Jewish prisoners were housed in a hangar. They were deployed for construction work on the night fighter airfield. Almost a third of them died.
Hauptstraße 39, Tailfingen 71126, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

KZ Memorial Site Vulkan – Haslach im Kinzigtal

Prisoners of the three Haslach camps – only one of them is part of Natzweiler - work for armament firms such as Daimler-Benz, Mannesmann and Messerschmitt in the Urenkopf mining shafts. The forest memorial site was established in 1998.
Breitestraße 4, Haslach im Kinzigtal 77716, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Former KZ Kochendorf

The prisoners of the KZ Kochendorf worked for armament and construction companies. They had to produce airplane and submarine parts but also weapons. In 1998, the Miklos-Klein-Foundation opened an underground memorial.
In den Holzwiesen, Bad Friedrichshall 74177, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

KZ Memorial Sites Initiative Leonberg, registered association

The stamping factory, part of the Messerschmitt AG, had prisoners assemble the wings of the jet airplane ME 262 under murderous conditions in the tunnel shafts of the Engelbergtunnel. The memorial site opened in 2008.
nach Seestraße 123, Leonberg 71229, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
07152 41975

KZ Memorial Site Neckarelz

The site tells about the six “Neckar camps” and operation Goldfish – cover name for the second largest armament relocation project of the NS time. In 1944, the elementary school in Neckarelz was turned into a concentration camp.
Mosbacher Straße 39, Mosbach - Neckarelz 74821, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
06261 670653

KZ Memorial Site Hessental, registered association

The Hessental prisoners performed work at the military airport, in stone quarries, railroad work, lumber work, production operations, in agriculture and the town of Schwäbisch Hall. The memorial site was opened in 2001.
Karl-Kurz-Straße, Schwäbisch Hall 74523, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
0791 85 75 62

Work Group "Wüste" Balingen

The site is part of the former “Wüste” industrial complex – producing oil from oil slate. Seven satellite camps were established. The Work Group focuses on Works 3-5 of Wüste and the Balingen camps of Erzingen and Frommern.
Charlotttenstraße 31, Balingen 72336, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
07433/99 78 90

KZ Memorial Site Vaihingen-Enz, registered association

The KZ satellite camp Vaihingen had two phases: ▪ Labour camp for the Messerschmitt bunker factory “Stoffel” (March 44 – October 44) ▪ Camp for the diseased and the dying for the Natzweiler satellite camps on the right-hand side…
Fuchsloch 2, Vaihingen an der Enz 71665, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Initiative KZ Remembrance in Spaichingen, registered association

The KZ Spaichingen started in September of 1944. Labourers were needed for the “Metallwerke Spaichingen” (Mauser weapons production). The southernmost of the camps on the right-hand side of the Rhine were dissolved in mid-April 1945.
Spaichingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Feste Goeben – Fort Goeben – Fort de Metz-Queuleu

Within the fort at the outer perimeter of the city of Metz two camps existed. In the special camp “suspects” were interrogated by the SS. The external KZ camp held approximately 100 prisoners who did forced labor for the SS.
Rue du Fort Queuleu, Metz 57070, Grand Est, France
00336 95 67 42 80

Memorial of the Urbès Tunnel

From March 1944, the uncompleted railroad tunnel at Urbèswas converted into a subterranean factory for airplane engines (Daimler-Benz). KZ prisoners were working on it; the allied advance in October of 1944 put an end to it.
Urbès 68121, Grand Est, France
+33 6 48 78 50 04

History Site Adlerwerke: Factory, Forced Labor, Concentration Camp

From August 1944, the Adlerwerke were home to the "Katzbach" concentration camp. The Adlerwerke History Site commemorates this concentration camp and the forced labour that had to be performed in Frankfurt during the Second World War.
Kleyerstr. 17, Frankfurt am Main 60326, Hessen, Germany
+4969 40 32 19 84

KZ Memorial Site Walldorf || Margit-Horváth-Centre

The KZ satellite camp Walldorf near Frankfurt was a women’s camp. 1,700 Jewish Hungarians worked there in the fall of 1944 under hard conditions. They had to pour concrete on the runways of the airfield or repair it after bomb attacks.
Familie-Jürges-Weg 1, Mörfelden-Walldorf 64546, Hessen, Hessen, Germany
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