The media centre contains historic publications about the history of the various camps or about special topics, reports by or interviews with survivors and eyewitnesses, films and didactic works, some of which can be downloaded.

Einzelne Ausgaben zu dem Thema der NS-Zeit und den Konzentrationslagern


The book register contains monographies and comprehensive descriptions concerning history or the culture of remembrance, catalogues and didactic works. Use the keyword register for orientation.


Zeitzeugnisse in Fim und Ton, als Dokumentionen

Film and videos

Here, film documentations can be found concerning topics, events or persons associated with the Natzweiler KZ complex and the memorial sites

Films Videos

Zeitzeugen berichten in Interviews und Dokumentationen von Ihren Erlebnissen und Martyrium

Personal accounts and memories

This section contains books written by both survivors and eyewitnesses, as well as “grey” i.e. unpublished literature. In addition, filmed or transcribed interviews can be found. Quite frequently, the works can only be found at the individual memorial sites.