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Initiative Memorial Site Eckerwald, registered association

Tübingen 72355, Baden-Württemberg, Germany


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The KZ memorial is a completely open-air site and comprises several locations.

These can be accessed freely at any time.

The Eckerwald memorial path, which was started in 1989, connects remains of industrial buildings of the former “Wüste 10”-factory. Info boards explain the technical facilities and the human suffering connected with them. There are some barriers on this path.

The two KZ cemeteries of Schömberg and Schörzingen show how many victims the exploitation of the prisoners has cost. Since 2007, the KZ Schömberg cemetery in particular has become a teaching location. Info boards tell about the conditions of life in the murderous Dautmergen camp; in its centre, a concrete cube is positioned bearing the names of 1,774 fatalities.

Guided tours of varying length are offered; and also pedagogic assistance for the preparation of student presentations. Each year, the association’s volunteers organise a “memory week” with focus on specific topics and a large number of events.

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Tübingen 72355, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

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