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Initiative KZ Remembrance in Spaichingen, registered association

Spaichingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany


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Mainly symbolic installations reminded of the satellite camp Spaichingen for many years.

In 1963, the city had a steel plastic created by the artist Roland Martin erected as an honour memorial on the location of the former mass grave. Since 1979, a plaque on the Martin-Luther-House indicated the location of the camp; other memorial plaques and stones were added within the city and in the “Lehmgrube” (location of the factory) agricultural terrain. A memorial path with small ground info boards visualises the path of the prisoners since 2012. 

In 2019, an open-air memorial site was added. It consist of ten multilingual plaques containing information about the history of the camp, the suffering of the people and the terror of the death marches. The plaques and newly planted trees together form sort of a memorial alley leading to the honour memorial.

The pedagogic programme consists of guided tours for various groups of students; pedagogic materials are to be developed.

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Spaichingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

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Frau Dr. Ingrid Dapp (+)
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