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Category: Buch | Livre | Book
Editor: Evanston
ISBN: 978-0-8101-2203-1
Location: Illinois
Year: 2007
Note: Übersetzung der polnischen Ausgabe Niedyskrecje Pocztowe: Korespondencja Tadeusza, Borowskiego [Warschau 2001]; Ins Englische durch Alicia Nitecki Drewnowski (Hrsg.), Postal Indiscretions.


In a brief life deeply and traumatically disrupted by two years in concentration camps as a political prisoner, Tadeusz Borowski (1922-1951) was tragically destined to become one of the most eloquent witnesses to the Holocaust in Poland. His recollections and stories, the most famous of which is This Way for the Gas, Ladies and Gentlemen, document in stark historical, literary, and personal terms the experience of the camps and its cost to humanity. The volume opens with Borowski's letter to his mother from Pawiak Prison the day after his arrest and closes with an unsigned telegram informing his parents of his suicide. The letters to and from family members, friends, and literary figures offer an indispensable picture of the world in the wake of the Nazis--and of the indelible stain that experience left upon the literature, politics, and life of Eastern Europe, in particular upon one gifted and doomed writer.

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